Groupe Aerospatiale company Sogerma announced at the show the award of two new contracts, one in Europe, the other in Asia.

The Sogerma Maintenance Group has signed a contract with Airbus Industrie to convert three Airbus A330-300s for Belgian carrier Sabena.

Each of the aircraft, which were initially operated by Air Inter Europe, will require six weeks of work. Modifications to the passenger compart-ments will be accompanied by changes to the national colours.

Sabena has also selected Sogerma to carry out the cabin interior reconversion and application of its Long Range Improvement Programme (LRIP).

This technically challenging work requires the installation on board of satellite communication and reporting systems.

In the Far East the private Taiwan airline Transasia Airways has ordered two shipsets of galleys for a recently-acquired pair of A321 Airbuses. The Taipei-based company already operates a fleet of 10 Airbuses and 15 ATRs, all of which are equipped with Sogerma galleys.

Source: Flight Daily News