First class passengers will soon be able to take a shower in the air if a new concept being piloted on the BBJ is successful.

The Aquajet shower ¡ being demonstrated alongside and on Boeing chairman Phil Condit¹s BBJ on the static park ¡ was developed by Boeing and Washington University. Condit says the unit is space age technology. It uses just 11 litres (3 gal) of water, continuously recycled, instead of the usual 379 litres (100 gal) which has made the installation difficult before.

"The water goes through three different filtration systems," Condit says. "It actually gets cleaner. This really does mean that passengers can be refreshed ready for work when they arrive at their destination."

Boeing has shown the shower to airline customers. "The reaction has been great. Of course they have all questioned the public reaction to the idea of recycled water but this is the future." The showers are made by CoreMax aerospace.

Source: Flight Daily News