FLIR Systems has introduced a new imaging system that provides extremely high resolution while being carried under low-slung aircraft such as helicopters.

The Star Safire 380-HDc is essentially a smaller version of the company's Star Safire 380-HD system, says the company.

As part of its presence at this year's show, FLIR hosted former astronaut Buzz Aldrin at its chalet. Aldrin was part of the US Apollo programme and the second man to walk on the moon.

He said that imaging systems have improved immensely since his days as a fighter pilot in the 1950s, when radar directed gun sights were among the most advanced systems available for aircraft.

The Star Safire 380 HDc can view a broad range of the electro-optical/infrared spectrum. The company has the system mounted on a pillar at its chalet. Demonstrating the Star Safire 380-HDc, a company representative says it can be programmed to lock on to a specific object, such as an aircraft, and then track it without user intervention.

The company is marketing the system to both military and paramilitary users.

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Source: Flight Daily News