Global airline grouping Star Alliance is leading a fresh initiative trying to tackle distribution costs for its members, after opening a new dialogue with global distribution systems to discuss its concerns on cost issues.

"Although it is primarily an individual agreement for each member carrier, I think as the biggest alliance, we have an important role to play," says Star Alliance vice-president commercial, Christopher Korenke.

"One of our biggest roles is to evaluate the situation and to lobby. We are not changing our [members'] individual agreements. We are in a dialogue role."

Star Alliance

Star has just organised a forum, attended by GDS representatives, to discuss some of its concerns.

"Yes distribution is still expensive, but beyond that, there are a number of issues," says Korenke, citing for example areas like why should airlines have to pay for passive segments. "We have to look at these issues," he says.

It continues the active role Star has played in looking into cheaper distribution costs for its members.

The alliance has previously pushed hard for the development of global distribution new entrants as a lower-cost ­distribution alternative.

Source: Airline Business