Hover bover

(From Frontpage online)

"Enraged at not being invited by Tony Blair to attend the recent dinners at Downing Street, [Portuguese Prime Minister] Antonio Guterres is said to have handed No 10 an ultimatum: breakfast in London, or he pulls out of a helicopter deal involving 70 billion escudos (€350 million). Delicate diplomacy by recently appointed UK ambassador to Lisbon Dame Glynne Evans managed to get the two talking." p.s. -and it's burgers and fries all round or you can kiss goodbye to that JSF order as well!

Walking the tightrope

Under the 'Now It Can Be Said' Section: US military JSF evaluation pilot, discussing the programme in public BEFORE the final verdict. "This is what I call walking the tightrope. Lockheed Martin is praying I'll say nothing bad. The government is praying I won't say anything good about either of them-because that's an endorsement-and Boeing. Boeing's just praying I won't show any of the X-32 pictures they gave me!"

Yuckspeak (series of 1,000,000)

75,000 square foot, three-bay, multi-functional, corrosion control facility = paint shed

Chinese puzzle

"The trainer was developed with technology from US aviation giant Lockheed Martin Corp, which beat a rival bid from Beijing to snatch a US military contract to develop Joint Strike Fighter warplanes" (Agence France Presse)

Source: Flight International