Comet Investigation

It was unofficially stated last week-end that "pressure-fatigue" tests with a Comet fuselage at Farnborough had yielded results explaining the cause of the three Comet disasters. These reports were not confirmed by the Ministry of Supply, which, pending the official inquiry, is maintaining a policy of near-silence on the subject of current investigations at Farnborough. This may not be "news" in the widely accepted sense, but it probably comes nearer to the truth than the more sensational newspaper reports.

Future of the Big Boat

Last week the Princess flying-boat was pulled out of the water at Cowes, and there was a rumour that she was shortly to be cocooned and join her two sisters in storage. A subsequent statement by Saunders-Roe Ltd., said that the company was now awaiting Ministry of Supply instructions as to whether the aircraft should be stored until such time as more powerful engines are available. A Saunders-Roe spokesman said last week that the company was convinced that flying-boats had a big future ahead of them and that the Princesses boats had a big future, and that the Princesses were the only aircraft capable of being fitted with nuclear propulsion systems.

Lords Discuss Noise

Lord Hawke mentioned a recent visit to Dunsfold where he had experienced at first hand the noise effect of engine testing of Hunters. It seemed to him that the noise was most intense at a position which he could best describe as being that of third man and long leg if the nose of the engine was facing the bowler. This analogy amused their Lordships vastly.

Farnborough 1954

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Source: Flight International