Bizjet bonanza

Our special small shiny plane expert Larry Learjet reports from an obscure convention hall somewhere in Disneyseaworld.

Pierre Powerplant: "After many months of careful market research and customer surveys we have come up with a fab new name for our engine."

Budgie News: "What's that then?"

Pierre: " you like it?"

Budgie: "Crystalmeth.....mmmm....unusual. What does it mean?"

Pierre: "It has the power to take you very high and it's not cheap mon ami!

Straight & level 24 October 2006

Linden Blue, Spectrum boss and composites pioneer, showing similar views to Burt (NASA means Nay Say) Rutan when discussing the ability of private companies to produce cost-effective aircraft: "I have every confidence that NASA could build and market this aircraft for $100 million per copy!"

Q: "What's the best thing about co-locating your VLJ production line with the engine manufacturer?"

A: "The engines are so small they can be delivered across the ramp by golf cart."

BBJ president Steve Hill on the benefits to any billionaire who wants to buy a VIP version of the 747-8 with the new SkyLoft feature in the upper aft deck: "It comes with a free BBJ attached to its back!"

Downhill all the way?

Now here's an idea...using gravity to assist in descent...who'd have thought it! From a report in the Mercury News:

"Quiet, brake-free glide landings may be wave of the future.

Researchers are testing ways that will allow planes to use gravity instead of brakes to land. They say a descent pattern generated by a computer and flown on autopilot is quieter and more fuel-efficient than landing using brakes. The technology is at least 10 years away from widespread use."

Best PR name competition

(Entry No 3)

Stephanie Fibbs

Manager, Communications & Media Relations

Budgie blues

(Spotted in 15-21 August issue by Nephew Peter Dennis)

"Aesthetically, the aircraft looks decent. It'll all depend on how it comes in as far as dollars and sense and equipment". Ummmmm....where's the sense in that? asks Dennis.

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Source: Flight International