Air India is making headway in a total overhaul of its digital capabilities under its Vihaan.AI transformation plan.

The Tata Group airline has multiple initiatives underway to bring its technology into the modern era, and has already invested about $200 million in the effort, it says.


Source: Wikimedia Commons/Rishavnandi08

An A320 of Air India

Investments have been made in new digital systems, digital engineering, and in improving IT for the company’s workforce.

“The scope of the technology transformation at Air India is extensive and covers every aspect of the airline including commercial, engineering, operations, ground handling, finance, human resources, and corporate functions,” says Air India’s chief digital and technology officer Satya Ramaswamy.

“We are empowering employees across the company, ranging from our frontline flying staff to ground crew with the best technology capabilities to help them excel at their jobs.”

From a customer perspective, the overhaul includes an update of the carrier’s website and mobile app, the integration of a ChatGPT-driven chat bot, better customer feedback mechanisms, and other improvements.

Internally, there is also a focus on improving digital systems used by employees, such as rostering and training systems for cabin crew and pilots.

“The modernisation of Air India’s digital and technology landscape will also benefit all the group airlines including the low-cost carriers,” says Air India.

“Emphasis is also being laid on having common systems across the full-service and the low-cost segments to gain from economies-of-scale and economies-of-learning across all the group airlines, driven by common platforms and a shared world-class team.”

In early April, Air India listed other progress under the Vihaan.AI initiative, such as committing over $400 million to refurbish aircraft, and the launch of premium economy seats on some long-haul flights.

Pending regulatory approval, Tata’s other full service carrier, Vistara, will be merged into Air India. In addition, Tata will is in the process of merging low cost units Air Asia India and Air India Express.