Carriers inundated with queries in recent days are appealing for customers to reach out only for urgent flight changes.

Singapore Airlines (SIA) and Air New Zealand (Air NZ) stated over the weekend that they have received a high volume of customer enquiries across channels and as a result, both carriers are now putting in place guidelines to prioritise requests that need prompt attention.

“This comes amid a wave of travel restrictions affecting SIA services around the world, including to points in the United States, India, New Zealand and several countries in Europe and South East Asia, over the last few days,” SIA says in a statement.

“Customers are encouraged to only contact us if their flight is departing within the next 72 hours in order for our agents to focus on and assist those with urgent flight changes.”

The carrier implores customers with more than 72 hours before flying to either reach out closer to their trip or request for assistance through an online form.

Similarly, Air NZ says it is boosting the size of its contact centre and social media customer care teams to “deal with a surge of customer queries and travel changes”.

“We have brought in additional staff to assist and are actively prioritising customer queries,” says Air NZ.

“To ensure urgent cases are dealt with as quickly as possible, we strongly encourage customers to only contact us if their flight is departing within the next 48 hours.”