As operators across the world scramble to fill capacity gaps created by the grounding of the Boeing 737 Max, we present this gallery of aircraft that have been drafted into affected fleets


Spotter LEVT/Creative Commons

Enter Air has taken two Boeing 737-800s (including OM-GTF from Slovak charter operator Go2Sky, pictured above in 2017) on wet leases since the 737 Max grounding began, Cirium's Fleets Analyzer shows. The Polish charter carrier had two Max 8s in service on 9 March 2019.

Bulgaria Air

Victor/Creative Commons

Among the aircraft that Air Italy has taken on lease since the grounding began are an Embraer 190 from Bulgaria Air (LZ-SOF, pictured above) and a Fokker 100 (9A-BTE, pictured below in the livery of Croatian charter operator Trade Air, in 2015), Fleets Analyzer data shows. Air Italy had three Max aircraft in service on 9 March.

Fokker Air Italy

Valentin Hintikka/Creative Commons

A320 Sunexpress

Marvin Mutz/Creative Commons

Royal Air Maroc has taken an Airbus A320 (LY-VEB, pictured above in SunExpress service during 2018) on lease since the grounding began. It had two Max jets in service on 9 March, according to Fleets Analyzer.

Wow A321

Eric Salard/Creative Commons

Among other initiatives, Air Canada has been speeding the entry into service of four A321s it purchased from now-defunct Wow Air (including TF-MOM, pictured above). The operator had 24 Max aircraft in service on 9 March.

737 Tui

Ken Fielding/Creative Commons

Among other types, leisure operator TUI Group has brought a number of 737-800s back into its fleet since the grounding began, including several that had been leased to Canadian subsidiary Sunwing Airlines (including G-FDZD, pictured above in an old Thomson Airways livery), Fleets Analyzer shows. It has been "activating spare aircraft within its fleet and extending leases for aircraft which were due for replacement". TUI had 15 Max aircraft in service on 9 March.

LOT 737

Alec Wilson/Creative Commons

Polish carrier LOT has leased in four 737 aircraft since the grounding began (including YR-BMK, pictured above in Blue Air livery during 2018). The operator had five Max jets in service on 9 March, according to Fleets Analyzer.

Icelandair 767

Riik@mctr/Creative Commons

Icelandair has taken a 767-300ER on lease since the grounding began (CS-TKR, pictured above during 2017 in EuroAtlantic Airways livery), Fleets Analyzer data shows. It is set to take another 767 plus a 757 as it seeks to cover the four 737 Max aircraft it had in service on 9 March.

737 Fiji

Maarten Visser

Fiji Airways has taken a 737-800 on lease since the grounding began (N739MA, pictured above in 2011 while in service with TUI Group carrier Arkefly). The operator had two Max aircraft in service, Fleets Analyzer shows.

Malindo 737-800

Rattaphol Kerdkaen/Creative Commons

Samoa Airways is finalising an agreement to wet-lease a 737-800 from Malindo Air. The Malaysian carrier has 24 of the aircraft in service, including the example shown above. Samoa Airways had been set to receive its first Max 9 jet by the end of March.

Source: Cirium Dashboard