The cockpit voice recorder of the Sukhoi Superjet 100 that crashed last week in a mountain south of Jakarta will remain in Indonesia for analysis, as will the flight data recorder if it is found.

Russian experts will be on hand, however, to assist Indonesian investigators, particularly with any conversations in the Russian language that may be found on the voice recorder, Indonesia's transport ministry said in a statement.

Because the accident occurred in Indonesia, the investigation is the sole responsibility of the National Transportation Safety Committee, with a team from Russia acting in a witness capacity.

Of the two recorders, only the voice recorder has been recovered from the crash site on Mount Salak, while the search continues for the data recorder. Although the recorders were located in close proximity in the tail of the aircraft, the ministry said the power of the aircraft's impact with the mountain side likely separated the two, possibly by a large distance.

The crash recorder is in an "acceptable state", although its ceramic housing was burned, adds the ministry. A new housing will be brought from Russia, which will allow the recorder's contents to be downloaded. At present, the recorder is wrapped in plastic to prevent static interference.

The statement counters media reports on 16 May 2012 that suggested the recorders would be returned to Russia.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news