Sukhoi expects to start flight-testing a second Superjet 100 airframe next month, although the aircraft is still awaiting the installation of its PowerJet SaM146 engines.

The aircraft (95003) has undergone a series of system tests and Sukhoi says it will be introduced to the flight-test campaign by the end of November. Two other test examples of the twinjet are at the stage of system installation, it adds. The first test aircraft (95001) has completed 40 flights and accumulated over 100 flight hours. The manufacturer says the aircraft has been flown to altitudes of 37,000ft (11,300m) and speeds of Mach 0.7.

Meanwhile the first production example - which will be the seventh airframe - is undergoing assembly of fuselage, outer wing and pylon sections.

Sukhoi Superjet 100 
 © Sukhoi

Source: Flight International