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  • L-410 line-up

    Eager first officers pose risk at difficult Nepalese airports


    Nepalese investigators have expressed concern over the potential risks of prematurely giving first officers operational experience at difficult airports, in their inquiry into a fatal accident at Lukla. The first officer of an Aircraft Industries Let L-410 had been the flying pilot during a short take-off departure at Lukla last ...

  • Nepal L-410 crash

    Throttle lever slip preceded fatal Nepalese L-410 excursion


    Nepalese investigators have attributed a fatal take-off excursion, involving an Aircraft industries Let L-410, to differential thrust following retardation of one throttle lever – but have been unable to determine the reason why the lever slipped back. The Summit Air turboprop had commenced its take-off roll from Lukla;s runway 24, ...

  • News

    Fatalities after L-410 take-off excursion and collision


    ​Three fatalities have been confirmed as a result of a departure accident involving an Aircraft Industries Let L-410 turboprop at Nepal’s Lukla airport.