Airbus estimates that its proposed reduction in A380 and A400M production rates will affect up to 3,700 personnel across its four home nations.

The airframer is planning to reduce output of the A380 to just six aircraft annually from 2020, while that for the A400M will be set at eight aircraft.

Airbus has presented the planned cuts to the European Works Council.

It believes it will be able to "propose opportunities" to "most" of the affected workforce, focused on other programmes which are undergoing a ramp-up.

Emirates' recent order for up to 36 A380s has provided "visibility" for the struggling programme, and this has given Airbus confidence that it can produce the aircraft at the reduced rate in an "efficient" way over the next few years.

Airbus is planning to produce 12 A380s this year and eight next year.

Its A400M output will reach 15 aircraft this year and 11 in 2019, before declining to eight from 2020.

"Airbus has to ensure the best possible production flow for its products," the airframer says. "These rate adjustment decisions provide clear visibility for customers, the supply chain and employees over the coming years."

Source: Cirium Dashboard