Look carefully at this image. Look again, and you will just about spot model Julia Tietgens, posing in front of the Lufthansa Systems stand and wearing a body suit painted to blend perfectly in with the background.

Lufthansa Systems blends into the background

Julia Tietgens is barely discernible when camouflaged by her high-tech body suit


The unusual exhibit is part of an ­eye-catching campaign being launched by the German technology specialist, which uses employees in similar painted body suits hidden against the likes of aircraft seats and airport display boards.

“The idea is that we want to show the human behind the technology,” says Ansgar Luebbehusen, head of marketing and communications.

The campaign uses the slogan: “We’re into IT”. Luebbehusen adds: “We are so much into it that, even though you don’t see us, we are there.”

Artist Jorg Dusterwald was on hand on the stand to add any finishing touches.

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Source: Flight Daily News