STG Aerospace is launching what it describes as the world's first blue photoluminescent aircraft signage, as part of its saf-Tsign range.

Aircraft signage has traditionally been green, but the UK company's business unit director Sean O'Kell believes the blue version will be seen by airline customers as "more aesthetically pleasing".

He adds: "We're expanding our portfolio, building on our traditional green-glowing signage to add a cool and soothing blue look. Blue signage will be more on-brand than green signage for many airlines."

Applications for the signage include seat numbering, socket surrounds, and informational placards, says STG, which made its name providing luminous footpath strip markings and other emergency signage. More than 300 airlines operating over 10,000 aircraft use its saf-Tglo range.

In recent years, the company has branched into mood lighting, with its liTeMood range, and has retrofitted aircraft belonging to more than 30 airlines since 2014, including Boeing 737s and 757s, as well as Airbus A320-family and A330 aircraft.

STG has also appointed Hansair as its distributor in Latin America. The Mexican company will stock all STG's products and help it increase its penetration among airlines in the region, says Marcus Williams, STG's director of global sales.

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Source: Flight Daily News