Boeing has put OLED display technologies on show at AIX, working with LG Display and LIG Nex1 to showcase how such panels could be used for innovative cabin interior purposes. 

The three companies have been working together since 2020 under a collaborative effort led by Boeing Korea Engineering and Technology Center to develop smart cabin technology to adapt OLED technology for aerospace applications.


Source: BillyPix

Michael Sohn, VP commercial operations at Boeing Encore Interiors, pictured with the OLED panel interior concepts on show at AIX

Potential applications are on show in a galley design concept developed by Boeing subsidiary, EnCore Interiors, highlights of which include the use of a 1.4m (55in) OLED panel integrated into the entry way of a door monument and a curved OLED panel in the ceiling.

Michael Sohn, vice-president of commercial operations at Boeing Encore Interiors, says: “The advanced OLED screens blend seamlessly into the cabin architecture, providing a modern aesthetic. It is also a powerful tool for airlines to enhance their ability to express their brand identity, engage with passengers in a more spontaneous way, and open the door to additional ancillary revenue opportunities.

”We will continue to collaborate and support more Korean companies to enter the airplane interiors market based on the unveiling of this OLED technology.”

LG Display was responsible for developing OLED panels for aircraft, while LIG Nex1 led the development of the smart divider control network, as well as the software and hardware to operate the transparent and curved OLED panel systems in an airplane environment with a low-power, high-efficiency design.

”We have these in our homes, but flying these things takes a different set of requirements,” says Boeing managing director, marketing sales support Kelly Schable.

”Airlines can choose to do a number of things once you have this real estate, it could be displaying things to help with their brand, it could be putting up notices, it could be safety information, it could be an advertisement. So we’ve been trying to solicit feedback from airlines, ‘is this something of interest and what would you do with it’?

”This is a concept that we had on the stand last year, which now we’ve taken one step further.”

As one of the next steps in developing these technologies, Boeing will begin ground and flight testing the OLED panel project on its ecoDemonstrator programme this year.