The Federal Aviation Administration has certificated Gulfstream Aerospace's 19-passenger G600 business jet, clearing the path for first delivery later this year.

The FAA granted both the aircraft's type certificate and a production certificate, says Gulfstream.

"Getting both authorisations on the same day is evidence of the maturity of our G600 production processes and speaks to the safety and reliability of the aircraft's design," Gulfstream president Mark Burns says.

Gulfstream G600

The FAA has certificated Gulfstream's 6,500nm-range G600


Savannah-based Gulfstream launched the G500 and G600 programmes in 2014.

The initial timeline called for the G600 to be certified in 2018 and delivered to the first customer in 2019.

"The certifications clear the way for the first G600 deliveries to customers as scheduled this year," Gulfstream says.

Pratt & Whitney Canada PW800s power both the G500 and G600.

The G600 has a range of 6,500nm (12,000km), cruises at altitudes up to 51,000ft and can reach speeds up to Mach 0.925, according to the company.

Gulfstream certified the smaller G500 in 2018 and also delivered the first of that variant last year.

Both types have improved fly-by-wire systems and Gulfstream's "Symmetry Flight Deck", which includes "active control sidesticks" and 10 touch screens.