The Canadian shop of aircraft retrofitting company Flying Colours has completed its 100th rehab of a Bombardier Challenger business jet.

Flying Colours' Peterborough, Ontario rehab shop delivered the refurbished Challenger 604 during the first week of October, the company says.

The fuselage was repainted in a design that includes gold and black stripes against a white background.

Flying Colours 100th Challenger rehab exterior.

Flying Colours rolls out a freshly painted Challenger 604 – the 100th Challenger rehabbed by the company's Peterborough site

Flying Colours

Flying Colours outfitted the jet's interior with six customised reclining seats and a three-seat divan – all wrapped in black leather with beige leather accents.

The seats, purchased from Rockwell Collins, are the same model used for Challenger 650 jets, but Flying Colours modified them with "molded armrests that arch perfectly to fit the curves of the arm", it says.

Flying Colours equipped the aircraft with custom-made side ledges, panels and doors veneered with anigre wood.

Flying Colours 100th Challenger rehab interior.

Flying Colours upgraded the Challenger's cabin with customised black- and beige-leather seats

Flying Colours

The Challenger has new avionics (including an automatic dependent surveillance – broadcast out system), Gogo's Avance L3 air-to-ground connectivity system and Rockwell's Venue touchscreen in-flight entertainment system, Flying Colours says.

Passengers and crew can control cabin lighting, temperature and entertainment via apps on their mobile devices.