Business jet maker Gulfstream has delivered the first 19-passenger G600, a milestone marking completion of a development programme the company launched in 2014.

Gulfstream has not disclosed the first customer’s name, but says it handed off the aircraft at its headquarters in Savannah, Georgia.

The Federal Aviation Administration certificated the G600 in June — later than Gulfstream’s 2018 certification goal. But the company has stuck to its goal of delivering the first of the type in 2019.

Powered by twin Pratt & Whitney Canada PW800s, the G600 has range of 6,500nm (12,000km) and can reach speeds of Mach 0.925, the company says. Routes such as Paris-Los Angeles and Paris-Hong Kong are within its range.

Gulfstream received certification for the G600’s sister ship, the smaller G500, and delivered the first G500, last year.