A new form of surface transportation is being proposed as the answer to the problem of increasing congestion on the ground and in the air.

Hyperloop One is an electromagnetic high-speed transportation initiative from Virgin. The small pods are designed to be energy efficient, reliable and travel at speeds of up to 700mph (1,130km/h). They will also be controlled from an autonomous platform and deliver reductions in congestion and emissions.

Speaking at the FT Business of Aerospace & Aviation Summit in London on 18 April, Nick Earle, who is senior vice president for global field operations at Virgin Hyperloop One, suggests the construction of the Hyperloop to cater for growth at airports would be a cheaper investment option than a new runway.

Hyperloop One


Indications suggest it could provide rapid airport connections, between the likes of London Gatwick and Heathrow, with an estimated transfer time of 3min, enabling travellers to catch connecting flights from different airports, and potentially revolutionise the travel experience.

Source: FlightGlobal.com