Operators of CFM International Leap-powered Airbus A320neo-family jets are set to be told to update engine-control software to prevent possible loss of thrust.

The European Aviation Safety Agency says that “several” incidents have emerged involving Leap-1A engines being unable to accelerate to target thrust on take-off.

This situation has been traced to accumulation of water inside pressure subsystems of the full-authority digital engine control.

If this occurs, says EASA, it could generate a disagree fault within the FADEC and potential loss of thrust.

CFM has developed updated electronic engine control software with an enhanced capability regarding the disagree fault.

EASA is proposing an airworthiness directive which will require operators to update the software. It is inviting consultation on the proposal until 25 September.

A320neos powered by the rival Pratt & Whitney PW1100G engine have also been the subject of a recent FADEC software directive, aimed at preventing engines from failing to restart following short fuel interruptions.

Source: Cirium Dashboard