Northern Ireland is known for being home to two major seating manufacturers, and one of them, Thompson Aero Seating, is launching a series of seat designs at AIX inspired by the landscape of the province and the wider island of Ireland.

Belinda Mason CMF Thompson Aero Seating

Source: Thompson Aero Seating

Mason: fabrics are a ‘reflection of our culture’

The premium cabin specialist says its Project Echo draws on Thompson’s Ulster heritage for a variety of colours, materials, and finish (CMF) that will be available on its Vantage seating range. This includes a “layering of tinted darks, along with pops of brighter colours and highlights to capture the spirit of the land”, according to the Craigavon-based company, which along with Collins Aerospace in Kilkeel, is one of Northern Ireland’s heavyweights of the sector.

“Our aim has been to create a narrative for Thompson that is a reflection of our culture,” says Belinda Mason, CMF designer at the AVIC-owned firm. “We have interpreted colours and textures into visuals, using nature and the chemistry of its colours as our influence. The result is a feeling of quiet luxury.”

She adds: “Our range of seats constantly evolves. Under Project Echo, we have created a unified palette that gives alignment to each seat design, bringing them within the brand range as a whole.”

On Thompson’s core Vantage seat, the redesign has “introduced a lighter outer shell with a darker inner core”, says the company. “This, married with shades of natural stone and lighter woods, gives a distinct aura of quality.”

Its VantageXL product has been given “an intense dark surround and sumptuous leather inner”, with an “enhanced front row [that] conveys first class with deep moss greens and velvety suedes”.

On VantageSolo, the “enhanced front row uses soft tan leather as a pop of colour”, while its VantageDuo seat “cocoons the passenger with a dark fabric wrapping, highlighted with a lighter inner seat and light stone-coloured worktops”.