1. PICTURES & VIDEO Sukhois PAK FA fighter completes first flight 

Sukhoi conducted the first flight of its prototype PAK FA fifth-generation fighter...



2. VIDEO & PICTURES Updated convention - Boeing 787 simulator preview

CAE has built 787 simulators for several of the aircraft's launch customers and was preparing the devices for certification back in August.

3. VIDEO & PICTURES  Qantas suspends A380 flights after emergency landing

Qantas Airways is suspending all Airbus A380 flights after an engine failure forced one of the aircraft to make an emergency landing in Singapore.

"Safety is our number one priority," says Qantas CEO Alan Joyce. "We are suspending all A380 flights until we have sufficient information, until we are completely confident that all Qantas safety standards are met."

4. VIDEO & PICTURES  Qantas A380 makes emergency landing after losing engine cowling

A Qantas Airbus A380 aircraft en-route from Singapore to Sydney made an emergency landing in Singapore after developing an "engine issue" shortly after take off...

5. VIDEO & PICTURES  747-8F touches down after maiden flight

6. VIDEO & PICTURES  Ryanair launches 2011 Cabin Crew Charity Calendar

Ryanair launched its 2011 Ryanair Cabin Crew Charity Calendar, in support of German charity “Tafel” which provides food to people in need all over Germany, many of them children and teenagers suffering poverty and malnutrition. 

7. VIDEO & PICTURES  Boeings 747-8F lifts off on maiden flightAfter a roughly 2.5h weather delay, Boeing's first 747-8F, the largest western-built commercial freighter, has lifted off on its maiden sortie.

8. VIDEO & PICTURES Limited damage in gear-up Newark landing

US FAA officials say damage to a United Airlines Airbus A319 (N816UA) that landed at Newark on 10 January with its right main landing gear retracted is less extensive than originally thought.

9. ILA: VIDEO & PICTURES - A400M to showcase performance range

Airbus Military's A400M transport made its public debut at ILA, Berlin's air show, less than six months after achieving its maiden flight.

10. FARNBOROUGH VIDEO & PICTURES  - 787 touches down for UK debut

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Boeing's 787 twinjet  touched down at the Farnborough Air Show, marking the aircraft's first appearance in the UK.


Source: FlightGlobal.com