The Turkish air force has evaluated the Elta Phalcon airborne-early-warning (AEW) aircraft, and has asked for detailed proposals for the purchase of up to four aircraft.

The service has been briefed on the Phalcon and, according to some Israeli sources, it had a chance to evaluate its capabilities when Turkish specialists flew on the Chilean air force's Phalcon, which is based on a Boeing 707 airframe, equipped with the Elta radar and electronic-intelligence equipment.

The Turkish ministry of defence has allocated $850 million for the purchase of four AEW aircraft. Boeing and Lockheed Martin are also competing for the Turkish AEW acquisition.

The possible purchase of the Elta Phalcon system was discussed during talks between Lt Gen Amnon Lipkin Shachak, the Israeli Chief of Staff, and his Turkish counterpart during a visit to Turkey last week.

Source: Flight International