The United Arab Emirates (UAE) air force is considering purchasing an additional number of Dassault Mirage 2000E fighter aircraft, as well as carrying out a major upgrade on the aircraft it already has in service.

The service is looking at purchasing six, eight, or 18 further Mirage 2000s, including two-seat trainers. Alongside purchasing more of the aircraft, the air force is also looking at a Dassault proposal that it upgrade its Mirage fleet, used in the quick-reaction-alert fighter role, with the Thomson-CSF RDY radar, as well as considering improved cockpit avionics and weapons suites.

Replacing the aircraft's RDM radar with the RDY would allow Mirage 2000 pilots to exploit the capabilities of the active-radar-guided variant of the Matra Mica, which is also being proposed as part of the upgrade proposal.

The primary beyond-visual-range air-to-air missile of the Mirage 2000E is the semi-active Matra Super 530D. The Matra Magic 2 is also being proposed as part of the upgrade.

Dassault confirms that the UAE is interested in acquiring further Mirages, but declines to discuss the nature of the deal on offer.

Source: Flight International