he Polish Air Force Institute of Technology has unveiled a prototype ship-launched tactical unmanned air vehicle with the Polish navy and border guard seen as potential buyers.

The bezzalogowy system obserwacyjny (unmanned airborne surveillance system) is based on a 2.7m (8.8ft) span airframe with twin tail booms which double as landing floats in the event of ditching. The fuselage is mounted above the wing and supports a single pusher propeller and forward facing stabilised electro-optic sensor suite. Overall airframe length is 2.15m while maximum take-off weight is 18kg (40lb).

The type would cruise at 49kt (90km/h) with 90min endurance. Its operational radius is expected to be 20km (11nm). Normal operations would see its recovery by a ship using a landing net. It is also capable of being flown in fully autonomous or remote profiles with the operator using real time sensor data to provide piloting situational awareness.

Source: Flight International