The UK Royal Air Force has launched an equipment trial intended to assess the suitability of using iPads as an electronic flightbag across its fleet of eight Boeing C-17 strategic transports.

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Based at RAF Brize Norton in Oxfordshire, the service's 99 Sqn has so far been equipped with 20 iPads and five iPad minis by technology company nine23 for use during a six-month assessment. Dubbed "Project Link", this is expected to culminate with using the devices onboard the C-17.

"The equipment is initially being trialled on the ground until release-to-service clearance is finalised," the RAF says. Once secured, this approval "will allow the squadron to progress to a full airborne evaluation of the iPad". Expected uses include accessing weather reports and preparing flightplans, as well as accessing information from aircraft technical e-publications, it adds.

"We will now develop this capability further with the C-17 crews, with a view to expanding the use of the iPad to other areas of Brize Norton and to other squadrons," says Sqn Ldr Rob Fitton, officer commanding the base's C4I Support Squadron.

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The Royal Air Force's 99 Sqn operates an eight-strong fleet of C-17 strategic transports

Source: Flight International