Since the EasyJet check flight incident, the UK Civil Aviation Authority has issued a flight operations communication clarifying in detail what it expects the MRO and the operator to do.

Before any check flight, says the CAA, a full pre-brief should be conducted between the continued airworthiness maintenance organisation, the maintenance organisation and flight operations, during which "the flightcrew should be made aware of the specific reasons for the check flight.

"In particular, specific note should be made of any maintenance tasks that have a direct effect on the aircraft's handling or performance. The briefings should include details of the data to be recorded, and the requirement to accurately record any defects or requests for maintenance."

During the check flight, the CAA says, all test results and defects should be recorded using the check flight schedule and the aircraft technical log as appropriate.

After the check flight, a formal debrief should be conducted "by the flightcrew to the operator, continued airworthiness maintenance organisation and maintenance organisation".

This debrief should be recorded in writing. Copies of the relevant check flight reports and aircraft technical log pages should be provided to the maintenance organisation at this time. Any request for further maintenance, whether it is an observation or a reported defect, should be agreed with all parties and transcribed accurately on to a written works order immediately after the check flight.

Finally, the CAA adds: "The briefing records and check flight report should be appended to the aircraft records."

Source: Flight International