The US Navy will hold an industry day on 7 May seeking information on a potential replacement for its Sikorsky MH-60 Seahawk helicopters for the post 2028-era. Registration for the event is due on 1 May.

The MH-XX capabilities-based assessment is the initial step in the US military's acquisition process, but it does not always lead to a funded programme.

At this stage, the study will examine what capabilties would be lost as the anti-submarine and combat search and rescue platform is retired as planned in the 2028 timeframe, the Naval Air Systems command wrote in a requet for information (RFI) posted recently.

The RFI describes the replacement aircraft as a "helicopter", but it is possible that other types of vertical lift aircraft could be considered in the NAVAIR assessment.

NAVAIR also will consider how "increasingly sophisticated" threats will change the environment in which the MH-60 currently operates.

NAVAIR says that "key technologies and potential game-changing capabilities are of specific interest as well as timelines for any needed development programs".

NAVAIR envisions the MH-XX helicopter flying during a "broad range of scenarios in the 2028 timeframe".

The service has defined eight situations the prospective aircraft would have address including surface warfare, deep and shallow water anti-submarine warfare, mine warfare, navy special warfare and combat search and rescue, logistics support, medical evacuation and humanitarian assistance / disaster relief.

Responses to the navy RFI are due on 21 May.

Source: Flight International