UVision is trying to enter the saturated market of unmanned air systems with expendable systems for reconnaissance and strike tasks.

 Hero 400 UAV - UVision


The Israeli company has released the first details about its Hero 30 expendable reconnaissance UAS and Hero 400 loitering attack munition (above): rebranded versions of its previous Wasp and Blade Arrow products. Both modernised air vehicles and a new common command and control system will be exhibited at the Latin American Aerospace and Defence exhibition in Rio de Janeiro, which opens on 9 April.

Weighing 3kg (6.6lb) and with a 30min flight endurance, the electrically powered Hero 30 is launched from a small canister and is intended to be used in support of small tactical units and special forces personnel. The expendable system has a minimal logistics footprint and requires zero maintenance, UVision says.

Hero 30 UAV - UVision 


Powered by a gasoline engine and equipped with an electro-optical/infrared sensor, the 40kg Hero 400 can loiter for up to 4h, before engaging fixed or moving high-value targets with its 8kg warhead. The company says the precision-strike asset can supporting missions at ranges up to 81nm (150km).

Source: Flight International