Business aviation aggregation and booking website Victor has grown its available fleet to 172 aircraft from 38 partner operators since it officially launched on 15 August.

The company is also pushing into the German, Austrian and Swiss markets, using 12 partner operators in the three countries.

Clive Jackson, chief executive and founder of the business, said: "We are heading in the right direction. My view is one of cautious optimism, notwithstanding the political and economic climate we are working in.

"Consumers are looking for smarter ways of getting the same thing for less. From a business perspective we are on target, on plan and optimistic."

Jackson said Victor's success in attracting new business aviation operators is down to its ability to connect customers directly with companies.

The firm is aiming to be in partnership with 75 operators - with a total fleet of 300 aircraft - by the end of the year.

"No-one else has the completely end-to-end transactional portal for consumers like we do. It's like Betamax and VHS - he who gets the technology right and gets there first wins the day," he said.

Source: Flight International