Airbus Military has received military certification for the Future Strategic Transport Aircraft (FSTA) version of its A330 MRTT for the UK Royal Air Force, following up on the European Aviation Safety Agency civil certification it received in July.

The approval was granted by Spanish military certification authority Instituto Nacional de Tecnología Aerospacial (INTA).

First delivery of the aircraft, called "Voyager" by the RAF, can now take place in the coming weeks.

Together the certifications cover the specific configuration of the UK version of the MRTT, and lay the ground for its eventual operation on both the military and civil registers, as currently envisaged by the RAF.

The initial configuration which will enter service, and which is covered by the certification, is the two-point aircraft with hose-and-drogue refuelling pods under each wing.

The three-point configuration, which also includes a centreline fuselage refuelling unit will be certified at a later date.

Source: Flight International