Central European budget carrier Wizz Air will not configure all of its Airbus A321neos with the maximum 239-seat layout, according to its current fleet plan.

The airline has signed for 110 of the jets, deliveries of which are due to begin with four aircraft in 2019-20.

But while it had stated that it was opting for the high-density 239-seat configuration, the airline’s fleet plan shows it plans to fit some with the 230-seat layout featured on its current A321s.

Wizz Air’s plan shows that by the end of the 2023-24 financial year it will be operating 152 aircraft.

Eighty-six of them will be 239-seat A321neos and another 47 will be 230-seat aircraft – comprising 17 A321neos and 30 A321s.

Wizz Air’s plan indicates that it will move away from the 180-seat A320 after its fleet of the type peaks at 66 in 2017-18.

It will reduce its A320 count over the subsequent six years to just 19 aircraft in 2023-24. Wizz has recently converted another three A320s on order to A321s, taking its baseline A321 order count to 30 of the type.

Chief executive Jozsef Varadi, speaking to Flightglobal during a visit to Vilnius earlier this month, indicated that the effect on unit revenues and yields from its introduction of the 230-seat A321 had been in line with its forecast of a single-digit percentage decline. "So far, so good," he said.

Source: Cirium Dashboard