The Bedek division of Israel Aircraft Industries has been awarded a five-year contract from Evergreen International Airlines to overhaul the Pratt & Whitney JT9D engines powering its Boeing 747s. The initial contract covers 20 engines and is valued at $40 million. Evergreen has about 70 JT9D engines, and there are indications that the contract will be expanded to cover further units. Meanwhile, Bedek's new US facility, Empire Air Center, will perform B checks on all Evergreen's 747s. Located at the former Griffiss US Air Force base in Rome, New York, the new facility will open at the end of the year and will replace Bedek's Commodore Aviation facility at Miami International airport, which will close. Kuwait Airways has agreed a three-year extension to its time and material contract with Snecma Services for CFM International CFM56-5C engines. Fifty Kuwaiti engines and 30 major modules have passed through Snecma's workshops.

Source: Flight International