The Flight International listing of world military accidents, incidents and losses is as complete as possible, but it inevitably reflects varying national attitudes to the release of information on military operations. Some countries release no accident, attrition or safety-related information as a matter of policy, while others make available a great deal of data.

Losses is the generic term used here for aircraft lost or damaged beyond repair while engaged in warfare or paramilitary action. Although the latter are not accidents, the result is the loss of an aircraft and possibly the crew.

Accident investigations for most of the serious events in 2000 are not yet complete or are not published. The list, therefore, can be used only for information, not as a basis for statistical calculations, analysis or safety comparisons. The tabular information is derived from a combination of Flight International's own resources and from the publishers of GlobeMac, which lists the strengths, plans, dispositions and procurement of the world's military and paramilitary air arms.

GlobeMac is available on the internet at

Source: Flight International