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  • Convair 2019 crash Miami NTSB

    Pilot actions contributed to deadly 2019 Convair crash off Miami: NTSB


    A captain’s decision to continue a flight despite engine trouble caused a Convair C-131B to crash into the Atlantic Ocean in February 2019, according US investigators.

  • EasyJet A319

    Pilots’ identical error shaved A319’s take-off distance margin


    Investigators have determined that both pilots of an EasyJet Airbus A319 mistakenly selected the wrong intersection during take-off performance calculations at Nice, resulting in less runway distance being available than the crew had expected. The crew believed they had calculated take-off performance for runway 04R based on a departure ...

  • FedEx

    FedEx MD-11F loses nose-wheel on take-off


    Investigators are probing the loss of a nose-wheel from a FedEx Boeing MD-11F, apparently during departure from San Antonio. The aircraft (N619FE) had been operating the FX464 service to Memphis on 7 April. It landed on runway 18C at about 08:50 but the US FAA, in a preliminary ...

  • TK A330 incident

    Off-centre landing damaged Turkish A330 undercarriage


    Nigerian investigators have disclosed that a Turkish Airlines Airbus A330-300 suffered damage after travelling partially off the runway for a distance of some 400m following a landing at Port Harcourt. The aircraft (TC-LOL), arriving from Istanbul at night on 30 December last year, had been established on the localiser ...

  • Icelandair gear collapse 1

    Incorrectly-sized parts found after Icelandair 757 gear collapse


    Investigators have found incorrectly-sized components on the landing-gear assembly of an Icelandair Boeing 757-200 which suffered a main landing-gear collapse at Reykjavik earlier this year. Icelandic investigation authority RNSA has recommended specific safety checks on four aircraft serviced by Landing Gear Technologies, to ensure that parts which have undergone ...

  • cabin

    EASA advises carriers to switch off recirculation fans


    Europe’s safety regulator is advising commercial aircraft operators to adopt new procedures to switch off air-conditioning system recirculation fans regularly, as part of measures to limit the risk of coronavirus contagion. Supplementary procedures to turn off the fans periodically would “accelerate cabin air exchange”, says the European Union Aviation ...

  • B737 Max 8 cockpit-c-Max Kingsley-Jones FlighGlobal
    In depth

    Simulator tests demonstrate 737 Max manual trim difficulties


    Simulator tests conducted last year provide insight into flight scenarios that can leave Boeing 737 Max pilots struggling or unable to manually trim the aircraft back to level flight.

  • China Airlines Cargo 747

    Lack of alertness, improper operation behind China Airlines freighter undershoot


    The pilot of a China Airlines Boeing 747-400 freighter that undershot a runway at Taipei Taoyuan International Airport had inadequate rest — thanks to a crying baby at home — which affected his alertness. Releasing its final report into the 2018 incident, the Taiwan Transportation Safety Board (TTSB) also ...

  • Swiss A220

    A220 uncontained engine failures linked to resonance phenomenon


    Airbus A220 operators are being instructed to remove certain full-authority digital engine control software, and install a new version, after a series of engine failures involving fracture of low-pressure compressor rotors. Four such incidents have been registered, says the US FAA in a directive for the type’s Pratt ...

  • ao2017003_wheelfailure

    Loosened tie bolt assemblies behind Virgin Australia 737 wheel failure


    Virgin Australia has implemented new landing gear wheel inspection guidelines, following the failure of a main landing gear wheel on a Boeing 737-800. Releasing its final report into the 2017 incident, investigators from the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) found that the number one main wheel ruptured because of ...

  • Refuelling

    Engine thrust incidents spur safety alert over biocides


    European and US safety regulators are cautioning operators over the potential effects of misapplying biocides to aircraft fuel, including multi-engine loss of thrust control. The manufacturer of one type of biocide, however, has ordered a suspension to using the product after an incident which appeared not to have resulted ...

  • Stock image pilots in cockpit_c_unsplash

    FAA eases some flight crew requirements in response to pandemic


    The Federal Aviation Administration has eased some flight crew training and medical requirements in light of the coronavirus outbreak.

  • Mahan A310

    Mahan A310 crew overran after displaced threshold blunder


    Iranian investigators have found that a Mahan Air Airbus A310-300 crew mistakenly landed long and overran at Yerevan after failing to check which end of the landing runway was subject to a displaced threshold. The A310, arriving from Tehran on 26 May last year, had been cleared for an ...

  • Lionair crash
  • Thai A350-900

    Thai A350 descended below 670ft while still far from Frankfurt runway


    German investigators have detailed an approach incident in which a Thai Airways Airbus A350-900 descended to less than 670ft above ground while still nearly 6.5nm (12km) from touchdown at Frankfurt Main. The aircraft (HS-THF) had been inbound from Phuket, at night but in good visibility, on 1 January. ...

  • Hop CRJ

    Language barrier highlighted after Hop CRJ incursion averted at Lyon


    French investigators have highlighted the part played by language differences during a serious conflict incident in which a landing Hop Bombardier CRJ700 was cleared to cross a runway while an EasyJet Airbus A319 was taking off. The A319 had been cleared, in English, to take off from Lyon’s runway ...

  • Belavia 737-300

    Autothrottle contributed to Belavia 737's long landing and overrun


    Ukrainian investigators have determined that the autothrottle of a Belavia Boeing 737-300 was left active before the aircraft touched down long and overran at Kiev Zhulhany. The jet had been operating from Minsk on 12 July last year, and had been descending in darkness and rain to Kiev’s downtown ...

  • JFK tower-c-Shutterstock

    Coronavirus prompts overnight closures of New York air traffic control sites


    The coronavirus pandemic continues disrupting US air traffic control, with the Federal Aviation Administration temporarily shutting the New York Air Route Traffic Control Center and New York LaGuardia airport’s control tower, citing infections.

  • V2500 A321

    A321 uncontained failure spurs urgent V2500 disk measures


    Operators of Airbus A320-family jets are being ordered to remove disks from certain International Aero Engines V2500 powerplants after an uncontained failure resulted in an aborted A321 take-off. The incident occurred on 18 March, says the US FAA, and involved a high-pressure turbine first-stage disk failure. While the ...

  • An-124

    An-124 disk inspection ordered after uncontained failure


    Ukrainian authorities have ordered Antonov An-124 operators to inspect engines on the type after an uncontained powerplant failure. An-124s are fitted with Ivchenko-Progress D-18T engines, as is the sole example of the An-225. The Ukrainian state aviation administration says an investigation into the “serious incident”, which occurred to ...