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  • S7 A321neo fire

    Probe opens into S7 A321neo start-up engine fire


    Russian investigators are probing an engine fire involving an Airbus A321neo which occurred as the aircraft was preparing to depart Novosibirsk. The twinjet – fitted with Pratt Whitney PW1100G powerplants – had been operating the S75783 service to the Vietnamese resort of Cam Ranh at about 01:30 ...

  • Thai 777-300ER

    FAA broadens emergency order in wake of 777 engine failure


    Operators of Boeing 777-300ERs are being ordered urgently to remove another batch of interstage seals from General Electric GE90 engines, following an uncontained failure last October. The failure involved a Thai Airways International 777-300ER which had been preparing to depart Bangkok for Zurich. While the US FAA has ...

  • Max grounded in Washington

    New 737 Max software issue arises during certification review


    Boeing has identified a problem with the software on the 737 Max designed to monitor the performance of other systems during aircraft startup, adding another hitch to the Max’s return-to-service.

  • EOfLq9UXUAAbz1N

    Delta jet slides off taxiway in winter weather


    A Delta Air Lines Airbus A319 slid off a taxiway at Kansas City International airport during bad weather on 17 January, leading the airport to temporarily cease operations due to deteriorating winter conditions.

  • Bek Air crash4

    Fatality-free aviation remains distant dream


    After an encouraging series of airline safety figures recorded around the middle of the last decade, some observers pondered whether the prospect of a fatality-free year could be a realistic short-term ambition for the industry.

  • Qantas A330

    ATSB scrutinises Sydney missed approaches after airprox incident


    The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) is investigating missed approach procedures for Sydney’s runway 34R following an air proximity incident between two Qantas jets. The incident occurred at 18:31 local time on 5 August 2019 and involved a departing Airbus A330-300 (VH-EBJ) and an arriving Boeing 737-800 (VH-VZO). ...

  • 737 Max 640

    US government panel calls for FAA certification improvements


    A committee established by the US Department of Transportation has determined that the Federal Aviation Administration and Boeing properly followed FAA processes when approving the 737 Max. But the committee, commissioned last April following two 737 Max crashes, also finds the FAA’s processes need much improvement.

  • Southwest 737 Max

    Southwest Airlines suspends 737 Max flights until June


    Southwest Airlines says it has taken the Boeing 737 Max aircraft out of its schedule until 6 June, suspending its service for two further months than previously planned, following similar moves by other US carriers in the past few weeks.

  • easyjet a320

    Intersection confusion cited in identical EasyJet take-off incidents


    Two identical serious take-off incidents within two weeks involving EasyJet Airbus A320s at Lisbon have spurred UK investigators to advise Portugal’s airports operator to stop using confusing terminology for runway departure positions. Both incidents involved the aircraft accelerating with insufficient thrust and becoming airborne close to the far end ...

  • A350 ATTOL

    A350-1000 demonstrates vision-based automatic take-off


    Airbus has demonstrated a fully-automated A350-1000 take-off using a vision-based system which tracks the runway centreline and rotates the aircraft without side-stick input from the pilot. The initial departure with the test system was carried out at Toulouse on 18 December and the crew of five performed eight flights ...

  • delta 777-200LR

    Delta 777 dumps fuel on schoolchildren before making emergency landing


    Delta Air Lines says that one of its aircraft dumped fuel over suburban Los Angeles as it was returning to Los Angeles international airport after declaring an emergency, slightly injuring 17 children and nine adults who were outdoors on a school playground.

  • bek air crash2

    Kazakh Fokker 100 crash modelled after icing emerges as prime suspect


    Investigators have commenced detailed mathematical modelling of a crashed Bek Air Fokker 100’s flightpath, after icing was identified as a leading suspect in the fatal accident. Preliminary findings from the accident inquiry, disclosed at a formal Kazakh government briefing, have found that the aircraft had been “partially treated” with ...

  • UIA 737 damage

    UIA 737 wreckage images indicate high-energy punctures


    Images showing the damaged forward fuselage and windshield of the crashed Ukraine International Airlines Boeing 737-800 have been released through Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky’s office. While the aircraft has been severely damaged by the ground impact, the images also show evidence of penetration damage – with puncture holes in ...

  • UIA 737-2

    UIA 737 flight recorders to be transferred to Ukraine


    Ukrainian investigators will conduct the technical work on the cockpit-voice and flight-data recorders retrieved from the Boeing 737-800 which crashed in Tehran. This work will be shadowed by specialists from the French investigation authority BEA, following discussions between Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky and his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron. ...

  • MH17
    In depth

    Ukraine mired in airliner shoot-down for third time in 20 years


    For the third time in less than 20 years Ukrainian authorities are likely find themselves under pressure in the aftermath of a fatal surface-to-air missile attack on a civil airliner. Admission by the Iranian government that a Ukraine International Airlines Boeing 737-800 was inadvertently brought down by such a ...

  • Iran president Hassan Rouhani

    UIA 737 shoot-down: Iranian president juggles blame with contrition


    Iranian president Hassan Rouhani’s statement of admission that the country’s defence forces shot down the Ukraine International Airlines Boeing 737-800 in Tehran, lacing humility with an air of political justification, will doubtless be compared and contrasted with the US response to the accidental destruction of an Iran Air flight in ...

  • Comment1-c-Rouzbeh Fouladi_ZUMA Wire_Shutterstock

    Iran admits shooting down Ukrainian 737 by accident


    In a surprise move, the Iranian armed forces admitted to accidentally shooting down a Boeing 737-800 flown by Ukraine International Airlines on 8 January.

  • Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg

    Boeing executives Muilenburg and McAllister forfeit equity benefits


    In a regulatory filing to the US Securities and Exchange Commission, Boeing says that its former chief executive Dennis Muilenburg did not receive a severance or separation payment when he left the company late last year, forfeited numerous equity benefits and will not receive a bonus payment for 2019.

  • Southwest 737 - AirTeamImages

    FAA proposes to fine Southwest Airlines $3.9m for incorrect weight and balance data


    The FAA has proposed to levy a $3.9 million fine on Southwest Airlines for operating more than 20,000 commercial flights with incorrect weight and balance calculations, potentially putting the safety of the flights into question.

  • Boeing 737 Max test flight

    FAA fines Boeing another $5.4m for 737 ‘slat track’ issue


    The Federal Aviation Administration has proposed fining Boeing another $5.4 million for violations related to “slat tracks” installed on 178 737 Max.