Flightglobal has added an additional 500 Flight International Cutaways and Micro-cutaways to the site, bringing the total number hosted to over 800.

With many more cutaways to come, this marks the beginning of several interesting and special projects planned for the Cutaway Website during 2007/8 and the lead up to Flight’s centenary celebrations.

airship cutawayOf particular interest in this upload are the inclusion of almost 40 agricultural aircraft, airships and hovercraft Cutaways. The Agricultural aircraft section shines some light on the highly specialised world of crop-dusting, including the post-war (1946) Auster Agricola through to the ultimate Piper Pawnee Brave PA-36.

The airships section also spans the ages with the 1936 Zeppelin LZ-129 “Hindenburg” through to the Airbus-Industries AD300 Airship of 1979.

hovercraft cutawayPerhaps the strangest category of cutaways to be includes within the Flightglobal collection are those of the hovercraft. The “apparent” burgeoning hovercraft industry of the late 1950’s saw the launch of the “Air-Cushion Vehicles” title within Flight between 1962 and 1968.

More than 30 hovercraft cutaways would be published within the magazine, ranging from one-man vehicles through to the 160 ton, 250-passenger cross-channel Westland SR-N4 high-speed hovercraft!

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