Centurion Aircraft Engines has received European Aviation Safety Agency certification for its 2.0s 155hp (116kW) diesel aircraft engine on the Piper PA 28 piston single.

The production launch of the new retrofit kit is under way and first deliveries are imminent. The Piper PA 28 is the forth aircraft to be powered by the 2.0s. The Cessna 172, Diamond DA40 and Robin DR400 have already been certificated for the engine retrofit and the DA42 twin will be added to the line-up, said Centurion at the show.

"The PA 28 of the Cherokee, Cadet and Warrior I to III series is one of the best-selling general aviation aircraft of the last decades. The worldwide fleet counts over 33,000 units," added the manufacturer, which is based in Germany.

The 2.0s is the more powerful version of the 135hp 2.0 engine. "At 100% load, the 2.0s reaches a top cruising speed of 133kt [250km/h] up to an altitude of 8,000ft [2,440m]. Our goal is to extend the time between replacement (TBR) for both engines from 1,200 to 1,500h," said Centurion.

Source: Flight International