The Izdeliye 30 engine for Russia’s T-50 fighter is undergoing rig testing, and will enter flight trials in 2017.

United Aircraft Corporation chief Yuri Slyusar says the Saturn 117S (AL-41) is already a “very deep modernisation” of the AL-31 that powers the Su-27 and Su-30 fighters, and is “sufficient” for the current stage of the T-50 test campaign.

He adds that the company has six T-50 test aircraft, two for ground tests and four for flight testing. Three additional aircraft will join the fleet in 2015.

“Everything is on track,” he says. “We are moving on as per the schedule agreed with our customers.”

He adds that it was always the plan to operate the T-50 test campaign in two phases, the first using the Saturn 117S and the second with the Izdeliye 30.

Slyusar also expressed confidence that the Yak-130 advanced jet trainer is poised to receive a follow on order from the Russian air force, and add to its customer base overseas.

Russia has reportedly commited to 60 addition Yak-130s. Slyusar would not confirm this number, but said discussions are ongoing.

He adds that the company is indiscussion with countries in Latin America and Southeast Asia for the type, and that potential buyers include Mongolia and Vietnam.

The type has already scored two overseas buyers: Algeria and Bangladesh.