Aerospace internet marketplace Aerospan has secured a user deal with the African Airlines Association (AFRAA), pushing its airline customer base to more than 82 carriers, says the SITA-led portal.

The group agreement with AFRAA provides the association's 36 members from 41 African states with full use of Aerospan's e-marketplace and business services at discounted rates. Aerospan provides a single source for inventory planning; parts acquisition; maintenance, repair and overhaul tracking; and logistics services. It claims to be the only industry e-marketplace where the complete parts procurement process can be consummated online. A total of 108 suppliers are using Aerospan.

AFRAA secretary general Christian Folly Kossi says African airlines have "fully taken to e-business as a way to reduce costs and 'bridge the gap' with our western competitors".

Aerospan has been reluctant to name its airline customers to date, with strong competition among aerospace internet marketplaces to attract users, while some carriers are participating in their own exchanges, but testing others. Aerospan has a number of other airline agreements and is continuing to seek customers.

Source: Flight International