UltraMedia, the latest aerial camera system camera from Flir Systems Inc. (FSI) is on show here at Dubai '97.

Designed to broadcast quality and with a zoom ratio of 72:1, the system has numerous applications.

Used to film major sporting events, it is also attracting the interest of police forces and defence depart-ments.

Also on show (A250) is the Ultra 4000 system which combines a powerful zoom ability (32:1) with the thermal imaging technologies that have long been FSI's core business.

As the world's biggest supplier of airborne cameras, the US company has provided more than 1,500 systems to more than 50 countries. About half are deployed in defence-related activities.

FSI has exhibited at every Dubai air show and has invested its skills and knowledge in a maintenance and repair operation in the region to support both the UAE and Saudi Arabia, both of which use FSI systems.

Source: Flight Daily News