While US modification specialist Aeronautical Engineers’ recent activity has been primarily focused on Boeing 737-800 work, the company has received a request for an MD-88 cargo conversion.

Everts Air Cargo, based in Alaska, is seeking the MD-88SF freighter for fleet expansion.

Aeronautical Engineers says it will begin modifying the twinjet in March this year.

The work will be carried out at Commercial Jet’s authorised conversion facility, located in Alabama.

It will enable the aircraft to accommodate 12 containers or pallets, and feature an Ancra cargo-loading system.

Aeronautical Engineers says the modification will allow Everts to keep the jet “in the air, generating revenue”.

Everts Air Cargo operates from Fairbanks and is a sister company to Everts Air Alaska, whose fleet includes MD-83 freighters and which has four MD-88 passenger aircraft in storage, according to Cirium data.

Everts MD-83 freighter-c-Aeronautical Engineers

Source: Aeronautical Engineers

Alaska-based Everts’ fleet already includes MD-83 freighters