Mexican cargo carrier AeroUnion has received a passenger-to-freighter-converted Airbus A330 that it will operate on behalf of Colombian commercial partner Avianca Cargo. 

The companies announced arrival of the A330P2F widebody jet on 10 July, adding that the freighter offers 60% more capacity than the “ageing aircraft it replaces in AeroUnion’s fleet”. 

AeroUnion A330P2F.jpeg

Source: Avianca Cargo/AeroUnion 

AeroUnion and Avianca Cargo mark the first year of their commercial collaboration with the delivery of a “new” A330P2F 

Cirium fleets data show that Mexico City-based AeroUnion operates two Boeing 767-200s that are nearing 40 years old. It also has three A300-600s listed as in storage. 

The A330P2F delivery comes about a year after AeroUnion and Avianca Cargo launched a commercial cooperation they say enables them to ”implement high operating standards, develop new business opportunities, modernise their fleets and consolidate their offerings in the Colombian, Mexican and North American markets”. 

The jet represents the first of four A330P2Fs planned to join the carriers’ joint network through next year. 

AeroUnion A330P2F2

Source: Avianca Cargo/AeroUnion

The A330P2F represents a major addition to AeroUnion’s fleet of two Boeing 767-200s

Cargo demand has shown “significant improvement” over pre-pandemic levels, according to Diogo Elias, senior vice-president and leader of Avianca Cargo. ”Latin American exports have increased by approximately 16%, while imports have seen a 10% recovery.”

The A330P2F will be deployed mostly to the West Coast of North America, primarily transporting perishable goods such as fruit and flowers as well as oversized cargo shipments on behalf of the automotive, mining and oil sectors. 

“The A330 is an ideal aircraft due to its higher volumetric capacity and lower environmental impact, attributed to enhanced fuel efficiency per ton,” Elias says. 

Bogota-based Avianca operates about 220 weekly cargo flights with a fleet of six A330-200s, in addition to 1,800 flights with cargo in the belly of passengers jets.