Maintenance, repair and overhaul provider Air Works is moving into the VIP aircraft cabin refurbishment business.

Working with DC Design, led by leading car interior designer Dilip Chhabria, Air Works unveiled a prototype of a business jet cabin at the India Aviation 2012 show. Developed at DC Design's facility in Pune, the interior has an asymmetrical design that can be customised for a range of VIP cabins ranging from helicopters to a Gulfstream G550.

"The prototype of this interior has been developed with the vision to provide customers [with] a look and feel of the design capability, quality details and fit and finish which DC Design is well known for in the automotive community," says Chhabria.

Vivek Gour, Air Works managing director, says the Indian VIP aircraft cabin refurbishment market is worth about $150-200 million a year. Air Works is also forming a joint venture with Scandinavian Avionics to set up an EASA-certificated avionics shop in India. "Our plan is to leverage our airframe, avionics and now interiors refurbishment capabilities collectively to provide customers with an option to upgrade their aircraft," Gour says.

Source: Flight International