Airbus could release the details of the extensive review into its business activities as early as tomorrow, although it is still awaiting final approval from majority shareholder EADS.

The airframer’s new chief executive, Christian Streiff, embarked on a three-month review of operations following Airbus’ disclosure in June of delays to the A380 programme.

While neither Airbus nor EADS has been able to give a firm date for releasing the findings, a source at the airframer says it will disclose the information “very shortly” – indicating that this could take place tomorrow or early next week.

No details have been given regarding the conclusions of the review but Airbus says Streiff has assessed all aspects of the company’s business in order to decide on the best course of action.

EADS has already stated the A380 programme faces further delays – the extent of these will be determined during the review – and Airbus has yet to approve the industrial launch of its newly-revamped A350 twin-jet.