Boeing is producing the 737 Max at a rate of 38 monthly amid a cap on production expansion implemented this month by the Federal Aviation Administration.

The US manufacturing company is also now producing 787s at a rate of five monthly.

Boeing disclosed the rates on 31 January when releasing its financial results for 2023. It lost $2.2 billion over the course of the year.

737 Max at Boeing field in Seattle on 14 June 2022

Source: Jon Hemmerdinger, FlightGlobal

737 Max at Boeing field in Seattle on 14 June 2022

“The 737 programme continues to deliver airplanes, and its production rate is now at 38 per month,” Boeing says.

The company in October 2023 had said it aimed to hike 737 production from 31 jets monthly to 38 monthly by year-end.

The production situation became more uncertain after the Federal Aviation Administration in January said it was prohibiting Boeing from expanding 737 Max production due to concerns about quality and safety stemming from the 5 January in-flight blow-out of a door plug on an Alaska Airlines 737 Max 9.

Boeing also on 31 January confirmed it is now producing five 787s monthly, up from four monthly in mid-2023.

Prior to the most-recent Max door-plug issue, the company had said it aimed by 2025 or 2026 to be producing 50 737s and 10 787s monthly.

“We are still confident in the goals that we laid out for [2025 and 2026], although it might take longer in that window than originally anticipated,” chief financial officer Brian West says on 31 January. 

Story updated on 31 January 2024 to include a comment from from CFO West.