As 2020 passes its halfway point, fleets data from Cirium reveals that the mainline aircraft manufacturers have suffered almost 400 cancellations so far - 80% of which are for the Boeing 737 Max.

Boeing 737 Max 9

Source: Max Kingsley-Jones/FlightGlobal

2020 737 Max cancellations stand at 313 to date

Cirium data shows Boeing has suffered 322 cancellations and Airbus a further 66, bringing the tally for 2020 so far to 388. Of these, 313 are for the 737 Max. The next highest total is the A320 family, with 29 cancellations.

2020 Airbus Boeing order cancellations

Source: Cirium fleets data

The definitive half-year cancellation status will be confirmed later this month when Airbus and Boeing publish their June and second-quarter order and delivery updates.

The 737 Max has been subject to a series of order cancellations and deferrals as Boeing works to return the aircraft to service. Shipments have been suspended now for than 15 months following the Max grounding in March 2019, triggering contract clauses where deliveries are now more than a year later than scheduled allowing customers to walk away from orders.

Cirium data shows that the two manufacturers have secured gross orders for 423 aircraft this year, comprising 58 for Boeing and 365 for Airbus. This tally includes military derivatives.