Frankfurt Airport has installed Airsys ATM's Arrival Co-ordination System (ARRCOSII) to modernise its flight arrival data processing system. The system will speed up traffic throughput and boost capacity. It determines time of arrival, guides aircraft to the gates and supervises traffic. Vancouver International Airport has awarded an aviation services contract to Worldwide Flight Services (WFS). The contract covers the provision of cargo, passenger, ramp handling and technical assistance services. The Mexican Government has awarded a consortium a concession to manage 13 of the country's airports. The airports, which include Acapulco, handled 9.6 million passengers last year. The Belgian Government has approved a plan to reduce night-time aircraft noise between 23.00 and 06.00 at Brussels Zaventem and regional airports by 30% by 2003. The plan imposes a progressive reduction from 1 January, 2001. This will mean a noise level roughly the same as that produced by an Airbus A300. This disqualifies all existing widebody users. A £12 million ($18.2 million) extension has been opened at London Heathrow's Terminal 3 featuring new gates, more aircraft stands and a departure lounge Tokyo Narita Airport is pushing for government approval to extend operating hours in a bid to ease congestion. The airport's much-delayed second runway will not open until May 2002, and the New Tokyo International Airport Authority has requested that the transport ministry allow changes to the current 11.00-6.00 curfew. The curfew has been in place since Narita opened 22 years ago. Studies are also under way on the possibility of increasing the number of hourly flights at the airport from the current maximum of 30, however. Airport operator BAA has received a 10-year contract to develop and manage the concession programmes at Boston Logan Airport as part of its $3 billion modernisation effort.

Source: Flight International