Karen Walker

Boeing revealed yesterday that its new 767-400ERX will be offered with the Engine Alliance GP7000 engine.

The surprise announcement, which was expected to be confirmed at a press conference today by the Alliance, represents a major expansion of market opportunities for the GP7000. The company, a joint venture by General Electric Aircraft Engines and Pratt & Whitney, has so far targeted the new engine only at the very large aircraft market the Airbus A3XX and the Boeing 747X/747X Stretch. Boeing¹s decision means that the 767-400ERX, when it is launched, will be offered to customers with a choice of the GP7172 or the Rolls-Royce Trent 600. GE confirms that, because this introduces competition in the marketplace, Alliance will not need to get European Commission approval to go ahead with the offering. Previously, the EC has limited the Alliance to offering the GP7000 only on the A3XX and 747X because of fears of a monopoly.

But in fact, the airlines that own 767s and are considering the 400ERX as well as the 747X/Stretch. They can choose to stick with the same engine supplier across all those aircraft types, whether they are current GE, P&W or R-R customers.

Boeing says it only needs one more customer to be able to formally launch the -400ERX.

Source: Flight Daily News